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In the Classifieds: RHD 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM

We’ve never seen one of these on the roads in Australia and had frankly forgotten that they even built these in RHD. A very rare beast.

Located somewhere in Victoria, Australia. Listed on Carsales for $499,990.


In the Classifieds: 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype

It’s not often that an automotive manufacturer lets one of their prototype hacks out onto the open market. Which makes this Ferrari mule, used to develop both the Enzo and 599, a very rare beast indeed.

Located in Langenfeld, Germany. Offered by Modena Motorsport GmbH.

via PistonHeads


McLaren F1 vs analogue rivals

evo magazine pits the iconic McLaren F1 against its contemporary and more modern ‘analogue’ supercar rivals.


The McLaren P1 Photo Thread

A good number of the 375 P1’s delivered thus far appear to be represented.


evo does LaFerrari

Richard Meaden tests the LaFerrari in the hills above Maranello before getting serious around the Fiorano test track.

(Read evo’s review here.)


Kimi Räikkönen does LaFerrari

‘07 Formula 1 champ Kimi Räikkönen takes his new company hack for a quiet spin around Fiorano.


Monaco does LaFerrari

The population of Monaco falling over themselves to take photos/videos of a LaFerrari. LOL


Ferrari F40 v Ferrari F50. Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Chris Harris thrashes two of Ferrari’s best analog supercars around the beautiful Anglesey Circuit in Wales.

Why? Because:

Who wants to watch a small brown man driving a supercar slowly?


In the Classifieds: 1987 Ferrari F40

Although not entirely rare, it is rare to see one up for private sale in Oz.

Yours for a cool AU$1,100,000.


Porsche 959 - You cannot do it alone

eGarage feature a 959 originally built for the late Helmuth Bott, former director of Porsche’s research and development division. One of six prototypes built.


1,000 miles in a Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse

evo magazine’s Harry Metcalfe reports on driving a Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse in support of the Mille Miglia.