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ICON Derelict 1967 VW Bus

ICON’s Jonathan Ward profiles a VW Bus they’ve brought bang up to date, while still keeping it looking completely in period.

The whole point of a derelict is to blend in and have a good time. To enjoy life. Not only are we working to further enable the user by reengineering the vehicle to have more modern functionality and enhanced utility, we also sort of trying to create a moment in time, a safe zone. If you have a modern luxury car there are so many preconceived notions today. Everything things: he’s a this or he’s a that or she’s all about the money. You just get beyond all that noise, all that nonsense. If anyone even notices this bus, they’re going to smile. They’re going to get positive vibrations, thumbs up, good feelings.


An interview with ICON's Jonathan Ward

XCAR interview ICON’s Jonathan Ward about the genesis of his creations, how his cars are built, and what’s next.


Frontline MGB Abingdon Edition

Take one brand new, then seam-welded MGB body shell and add a properly tuned MX-5 heart (stroked to 2.5l, billet and forged internals, serious 50mm ITBs) and six-speed (‘snik-snik’) MX-5 gearbox.

Best part is that they’ve kept enough original bits to keep it UK homologated and registrable as a 1964-model.

304hp, 248lb ft and a 7,600rpm redline against a mere 897kg. 0-62mph in around 3.8 seconds.


Restomod Datsun with a Honda heart

Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters profiles a clean Datsun 510 coupe restomod project.


Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon vs. ICON Derelict

Can’t get enough of ICON’s work.


ICON Derelict DeSoto Wagon

Jay Leno takes a good look at a ’50s Chrysler Town & Country fitted with the front-end from a 1952 DeSoto and modern Chrysler SRT-8 running gear. Built by ICON.

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