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Lamborghini Aventador SV unleashed on Isle of Man TT course

Henry Catchpole for evo magazine:

As dream drives go, Lamborghini Aventador SV across the decrestricted mountain road on the Isle of Man at sunset is about as good as it gets. There’s not a lot else to say really.

Put on your headphones and turn the volume up to 11.


Audi RS2 Twenty Years On

evo take a nostalgic drive around the Peak District in a pristine example of Audi’s RS2 Avant, a Porsche-engineered weapon from 1994.


evo Does Frankfurt 2015

evo magazine’s Henry Catchpole takes us on a guided tour through the vast halls of the 2015 International Automobile Exhibition aka Frankfurt Motor Show.


evo Does the Ferrari 488 GTB

evo’s Jethro Bovingdon reacquaints himself with Ferrari’s benchmark 458 Speciale and F40 before heading to Italy to take a first taste of the new twin-turbo 488 GTB.


evo takes the Porsche 991 GT3 RS on a dawn raid

Jethro Bovingdon wakes early to take a Lava Orange GT3 RS presser for a dawn B-road blast.

Best make it full screen, headphones on, volume right up.


An all-terrain buggy for the road or a sports car you can take offroad

Henry Catchpole for evo magazine scoops a first drive of one of the most intriguing cars released this year, the Ariel Nomad.

You have to get used to the car rolling around and moving on the suspension.

As you go into a corner and turn in can feel a little odd because you’ve got all that lean on the front suspension to cope with, as well as trying to get the all-terrain tyres to turn in.

But when you’re used to it, it’s just brilliant fun. The feeling as the car moves around and watching the weight balance… It’s a totally different sort of sports car.


McLaren F1 — The details

Gold foil this, titanium that, Lotus Elan indicators, tail lights from a bus, and Gordon Murray’s favourite bracket. evo’s Henry Catchpole sweats the details of the McLaren F1.


McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1

evo’s Henry Catchpole pitches the classic McLaren F1 against its modern P1 iteration along the mighty D2 in the Var region of southeastern France.


evo introduce the Porsche Cayman GT4

Jethro Bovingdon for evo magazine provides a comprehensive interview with Porsche’s Head of GT cars, Andreas Preuninger, about his new baby – the Porsche Cayman GT4.

Huge want.


McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder. Which is fastest?

evo’s Jethro Bovingdon gets behind the wheel of two of the latest breed of hybrid-hypercars and has a thrash around the Anglesey Ciruit in Wales to find out which is the faster of the two.


McLaren F1 vs analogue rivals

evo magazine pits the iconic McLaren F1 against its contemporary and more modern ‘analogue’ supercar rivals.


evo does LaFerrari

Richard Meaden tests the LaFerrari in the hills above Maranello before getting serious around the Fiorano test track.

(Read evo’s review here.)


evo vs. Porsche 911 GT3

evo’s comprehensive video review of Porsche’s new 991-generation 911 GT3.


Lamborghini Espada 1,000 mile road trip

evo magazine’s Harry Metcalfe documents a drive back to the UK from the South of France in his 1970 Espada S2.


1,000 miles in a Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse

evo magazine’s Harry Metcalfe reports on driving a Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse in support of the Mille Miglia.