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Autocar Does the Ferrari 488 GTB

Another take on the Ferrari 488 GTB, this time with Autocar’s Matt Prior.

Similar drill: give it a good belting around Fiorano, then punch it sideways out of every decent hairpin bend in the hills above Modena.


Chris Harris Does the Ferrari 488 GTB

Spend 18 minutes with Chris Harris as he wrings the neck of Ferrari’s new twin-turbo 670 hp 488 GTB on track at Fiorano and then on the road up in the hills around Modena.


Autocar does LaFerrari

Steve Sutcliffe takes Ferrari’s new hypercar for a blat around Fiorano.


evo does LaFerrari

Richard Meaden tests the LaFerrari in the hills above Maranello before getting serious around the Fiorano test track.

(Read evo’s review here.)


Kimi Räikkönen does LaFerrari

‘07 Formula 1 champ Kimi Räikkönen takes his new company hack for a quiet spin around Fiorano.