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Plastic Fantastic at the Tamiya Museum

Mike Garrett for Speedhunters takes us inside the iconic Japanese plastic model kit and remote control car makers in-house museum.

Don’t miss their earlier installment showcasing Tamiya’s annual open house event.


Mazda RX-3 stars at the 1972 Fuji 250km race

Epic footage of ‘The Fuji Masters Super Touring Race, 10th October 1972’ featuring the Mazda RX-3 vs Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Don’t miss Part Two.



Street driven Porsche 962 in Japan

Luke Huxham, Maiham Media:

The Group C Porsche 962 is an iconic race car to say the least. In the 80’s it won countless Le Mans races and to this day holds a very special place in car enthusiasts hearts. One particular Japanese car enthusiast loves this car so much that he can’t keep this race car restricted to circuit duties only. He feels the overwhelming need to spend much more time with it, on the streets!

With plates and a full-fat Rothmans livery? Badass.


Grassroots masters: The Idlers hit Tsukuba

Speedhunters spotlight the eclectic Idlers Games meet at Tsukuba. Don’t forget Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.