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Audi Piloting 'Audi Sport' Branding in Australia

Mike Costello for CarAdvice:

The Audi Sport moniker has been set up to more clearly delineate Audi’s hardcore sports car (RS models and the R8) and racing activities from the rest of the brand — in essence, it’s the new forward-facing name for its quattro GmbH subsidiary (Audi’s version of AMG or BMW M).

Makes perfect sense for Audi to leverage more from their extensive motorsport activities by their factory WEC, GT, and DTM squads, as well as numerous customer teams and Audi Sport TT Cup program. As much as I liked the use of quattro GmbH as their ‘RS’ skunkworks, ‘quattro’ as a brand does have legacy motorsport and production car issues to overcome, had it been used as Audi’s equivalent ‘BMW M’ or ‘AMG’ division.