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Jaguar E-Type Reborn

As a follow-on from crafting the ‘lost’ series of E-Type Lightweights, JLR Classic has now turned its attention to producing nut-and-bolt restorations of Jaguar’s iconic Series I E-Type.

The inital batch of 10 ‘Reborn’ cars should set you back an entirely reasonable £285,000.


First look at Jaguar Special Operation's 'new' E-Type Lightweight

“The development of the body-in-white tooling was undertaken by the same department that builds all Jaguar Land Rover prototype vehicles, so the expertise applied to the project was world-class. The build process and assembly procedures were initially proved out on Car Zero; this is effectively an engineering prototype and will not carry one of the six Lightweight chassis numbers.”

Incredible attention to detail.

‘Car Zero’ is to be shown at the upcoming Pebble Beach Automotive weekend.


The Lightweight E-type Is Reborn

A fascinating project by the new JLR Special Operations department:

Jaguar is to build six brand new ‘Lightweight’ E-types - the ‘missing’ six Lightweights that were never built from the intended 18-car series.

You can’t get much more special than this.