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Historic and Vintage Restorations, Melbourne

My Life at Speed tours Paul Chaleyer’s ‘Historic and Vintage Restorations’, as they restore an eclectic mix of motors ranging from an Aston Martin DB4, various MGs, a number of tweaked Alfa Romeos, and an incredible Maserati 450S recreation.

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Frontline MGB Abingdon Edition

Take one brand new, then seam-welded MGB body shell and add a properly tuned MX-5 heart (stroked to 2.5l, billet and forged internals, serious 50mm ITBs) and six-speed (‘snik-snik’) MX-5 gearbox.

Best part is that they’ve kept enough original bits to keep it UK homologated and registrable as a 1964-model.

304hp, 248lb ft and a 7,600rpm redline against a mere 897kg. 0-62mph in around 3.8 seconds.