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1991 Honda NSX rebuilt better than factory

One man’s quest to refresh a tired 1991 Honda NSX (NA1) turns into an OCD rebuild spectacular.


The McLaren P1 Photo Thread

A good number of the 375 P1’s delivered thus far appear to be represented.


Honda S600 Restoration

Follow the off-frame restoration of this pretty little coupe.


Factory Fresh Restored BMW 2002 Turbo

‘74 BMW 2002 Turbo restored to almost better-than-new condition using many extremely rare NOS parts.

(via Petrolicious)

*[NOS]: New Old Stock


Project Hakosuka

Takes DIY to another level.


CubbyChowder finally got a BMW 2002

Take a complete though tired ‘73 BMW 2002 back to the metal, add a new interior, fabricate some flared guards.

What’s not to love about this thread?


McLaren F1 Omnibus

Everything you ever wanted to know about the McLaren F1 and then some. Split over at least four volumes, this latest one is up to 425 pages…