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Toyota's Mystery Barista

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing cook up a breakfast for 171 friends using a mystery chef and barista: their TS040 Hybrid LMP1 car.

Not the highest of production values (those reactions and that electricity); nonetheless interesting and entertaining.

via SportscarOne


Honda Paper' TVC

Yet another corker of an ad for Honda, theme for this one is “Paper”.


Loop-the-Loop in a Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar launch their all new SUV in style, performing a full 360° loop in their new F-PACE.

That’s one hell of a publicity stunt.


The impossible dream

Pistonheads ponder the question:

How do you advertise a performance car when the one thing you can’t advertise is performance?

Sadly this disease is also well entrenched in Australia, witness the recent sequence of recuts forced upon Nissan’s latest Pulsar SSS spot.


Honda 'Hands' TVC

Another cracking ad by Honda, this time playing on their history of engineering greatness.