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1991 Honda NSX rebuilt better than factory

One man’s quest to refresh a tired 1991 Honda NSX (NA1) turns into an OCD rebuild spectacular.


Project Binky - The Trailer

Watch as the good folk from Bad Obsession Motorsport shoehorn the oily bits from a Celica GT-four into an Austin Mini.

“Safely ensconced in a shed in deepest, darkest Shropshire, two men with their faculties dulled by liberal dosing’s of Jack Daniel’s finest No.7 brand embarked upon a journey that would change their world.”

With a little bit of fabrication along the way.

via AUSmotive


Honda S600 Restoration

Follow the off-frame restoration of this pretty little coupe.


Factory Fresh Restored BMW 2002 Turbo

‘74 BMW 2002 Turbo restored to almost better-than-new condition using many extremely rare NOS parts.

(via Petrolicious)

*[NOS]: New Old Stock


Project Hakosuka

Takes DIY to another level.


CubbyChowder finally got a BMW 2002

Take a complete though tired ‘73 BMW 2002 back to the metal, add a new interior, fabricate some flared guards.

What’s not to love about this thread?