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John Surtees, 1934–2017

John Surtees, the only man to win world championships on two wheels and four, has passed away aged 83, his family has confirmed.

Truly one of a kind.

Vale John Surtees.



The GT3 Class of 2016 preview next years crop of new and revised GT3 sportscars.

Looks like 2016 is going to be another banner year for the ever expanding category.


Why Honda's F1 engine is just not working out.

Mark Hughes for Motor Sport:

The turbo’s compressor is too small – part of that ‘size zero’ concept – and cannot be made to run fast enough to compensate in terms of creating enough heat to give the ersH something to work with. But whether the breakthrough even comes next season could depend upon what happens with the engine homologation regulations. As things currently stand, the engine token system reverts in 2016 to how it was in 2014. i.e. tokens cannot be spent during the season

Fascinating analysis of the underlying design issues holding McLaren-Honda back in F1 this season.


Chris Harris Does Frankfurt 2015

Chris Harris peruses the latest metal at IAA Frankfurt, with a short intermission involving a quick blat around the Lauitzring in the updated 380bhp Mercedes-AMG A45.

That VW Kombi Ducati hauler…


EPA Certified GM Iron. By Honda.

A story for the ages of a scorned Soichiro Honda taking a 1973 Chevrolet Impala V8 and modifying it to run without catalytic converters yet still pass a smog test using some clever Honda engineering.


Honda Paper' TVC

Yet another corker of an ad for Honda, theme for this one is “Paper”.


evo Does Frankfurt 2015

evo magazine’s Henry Catchpole takes us on a guided tour through the vast halls of the 2015 International Automobile Exhibition aka Frankfurt Motor Show.


When No-one Knew Who Honda Was

To celebrate Honda’s 700th motorcycle Grand Prix victory last Sunday, Motor Sport Magazine have taken a look back to where it all began: the 1959 Isle of Man TT.

Honda’s nine staff – including five riders, who did double duty as mechanics – flew to the Isle of Man from Tokyo, via Hong Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, Karachi, Beirut, Frankfurt and London. They flew most of the way in a BOAC Comet, the world’s first commercial jetliner.

During the previous months they had spent their time learning how to eat with a knife and fork, how to wear a suit and tie, instead of traditional Japanese dress, and also mourning the death of a team-mate, who had died while doing stunts for a Japanese biker movie. All these men were members of the Honda Speed Club, a gang of keen young Honda employees who raced and did movie stunts on Hondas.


1991 Honda NSX rebuilt better than factory

One man’s quest to refresh a tired 1991 Honda NSX (NA1) turns into an OCD rebuild spectacular.


Restomod Datsun with a Honda heart

Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters profiles a clean Datsun 510 coupe restomod project.


Honda reveals 2014 Civic BTCC racer

Matt Bird for Pistonheads:

The Honda Yuasa Racing Team will campaign Civic Tourer-based machines in 2014, the first team since Volvo if memory serves. There’s only a rendering at present, but doesn’t it just look brilliant (and a little barmy?).

Honda ups the ante after clean-sweeping every BTCC championship three years running. Bravo.


Honda S600 Restoration

Follow the off-frame restoration of this pretty little coupe.


Honda 'Hands' TVC

Another cracking ad by Honda, this time playing on their history of engineering greatness.