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Speedhunters Does Salon Privé 2015

Jonathan Moore for Speedhunters visits the UK’s preeminent concours d’elegance and finds a bevy of new and old bespoke, coach-built, and very quirky motors.

Want more? Classic Driver also covered the event.


A Sea of French Racing Blue at the Matra Museum

The town of Romorantin south of Paris is home of Matra, Formula 1 World Champions back in 1969 and three time Le Mans winners with their iconic blue machines.

Jonathan Moore for Speedhunters takes us to the Musée Automobiles Matra for an inside look at the cars the forged Matra’s motorsport legacy.


The Gatebil Spirit

“Imagine one of the best looking race tracks in the world. A huge crowd of car enthusiasts and some of the craziest car builds.”

23 minute documentary about Gatebil, Swedish home of all things drift.


The Best BMW They Never Built

Not only did this BMW E91 318i estate get an S65 heart transplant from an E90 M3, it was also received extensively modified bodywork to match its mechanical upgrades.

Crying shame that BMW in all their “niche within a niche” model strategies hasn’t built an M3 estate to take on the likes of the Mercedes-AMG C63 and Audi RS4 fast estates.


Intercontimental Missile: Volvo V8 Wagon of Fun

Speedhunters profiles Magnus Opsahl’s insane LS1 swapped Volvo 240 wagon.

Because Gatebil.


Grassroots masters: The Idlers hit Tsukuba

Speedhunters spotlight the eclectic Idlers Games meet at Tsukuba. Don’t forget Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.