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Inside the Porsche Museum's Warehouse

Classic Driver take a stroll through the Porsche Museum’s now-not-so-secret warehouse of concepts, prototypes, retired race cars, and other special examples produced by the famed marque from Stuttgart.


Camouflaging a BMW Prototype

A short video showing a prototype BMW 5er GT being outfitted in a fully cladded disguise.

Brutally ugly.

via BimmerFile


In the Classifieds: 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype

It’s not often that an automotive manufacturer lets one of their prototype hacks out onto the open market. Which makes this Ferrari mule, used to develop both the Enzo and 599, a very rare beast indeed.

Located in Langenfeld, Germany. Offered by Modena Motorsport GmbH.

via PistonHeads


Secret Audi Group S Prototype

A glimpse into the development of Audi’s mid-engined answer to the Lancia Delta ECV and Toyota 222D from 1986.

Also known as the Audi Sport Quattro RS 002 or Quattro Sport E2.

via Jalopnik


BMW M's Secret Underground Garage

M8, E46 M3 Touring, an early X5M concept, and an M3 Compact for starters.

We’d love to read more about each of these one-off proof of concepts.


Disguising the next Ford Falcon XR8

Ford Prototype Build Co-ordinator Neil Trickey explains the ‘dark art’ of camouflaging pre-production prototypes before they hit the road for testing.